How it works ?

You log in one time with your credentials,

then Gatora links to your Windows account.

As a result, you can choose to not remember your credentials.

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Then, you are the only one that can access to Gatora,

where you stored your data and passwords safely,

where you use cryptography.
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"The science of coding and decoding messages so as to keep these messages secure.

Coding (see encryption) takes place using a key that ideally is known only by the sender and intended recipient of the message."

( source)

Symbole qui représente la sécurité par la cryptographie

Gatora allows you to encrypt and decrypt text with a method and a key.

So, you don't have to memorize it, you can save information in a protected way.

You can find your whole encrypted information though the registry.

No recording limits and several methods offered!