Software documentation


icone de sauvegarde de la donnée : icon to save the encrypted message

icone d'affichage du registre : icon to see all registered encrypted messages

icone pour nettoyer les champs : icon to clean the fields of the encrypt and decrypt tabs

icone pour afficher l'aide : icon to see the info bulle

icone pour afficher les paramètres : icon to show the parameters interface


ecran de chiffrement

I. Installation

  • 1) First, you need to have a windows 10 administrator account.
  • 2) Download, start and follow the installation steps
  • 3) Create your Gatora account
  • 4) Login into the software.
  • 5) You finished the installation, Gatora is linked to your Windows account.
  • 6) Only your Gatora account is able to access the software.

II. Encrypt a message

  • 1) Click on the "encrypt" tab.
  • 2) Click on the combobox after method to choose an encryption type (CAST5 for example).
  • 3) Depending on the method, the key will be automatically generated to match the encryption type.
  • 4) Once your message has been written in the message field, click on the encrypt button.

III. Save an encrypted message

  • 1) Once your message is encrypted, you may click on the icon to save.
  • 2) The window open registration, you can write in the detail field the information that you want to associate with this encrypted text (example: "gmail password", or "Matthew's message").
  • 3) Finally, click on save.

IV. Decrypt a message

  • 1) Make a copy of the text you want to decrypt.
  • 2) Click on the "decrypt" tab .
  • 3) Paste it in the first field at the top.
  • 4) Select the method of encryption, then enter the key. The key must be fully pasted in the corresponding field. For this you can right click in the key field and select paste.
  • 5) Click on decrypt.

V. Look the register

  • 1) Click on the register icon.
  • 2) You will be able to see the table of 4 columns serving as a register.
  • 3) You can delete a registry entry by clicking on the delete button on the right.

VI. To clean

  • 1) At any time, you can click on the "Clean" button.
  • 2) All fields will be reset.

VII. Tips

  • On each message field, encryption and decryption tab key, you can right click.
  • Right click allows you several actions: select all, copy, cut, paste.
  • In the free version, you can always save the texts in a notepad and save in Unicode format.